5 Things That Make Kickboxing Worth Looking At

May 1, 2019

Kickboxing has it all. It is a fabulous work out, your heart rate elevates the blood pounds and the result is a total workout. But here’s something you might not have known.

1. It is a full body workout

Unlike being on a treadmill or plodding from machine to machine, kickboxing lansing hits every muscle set without you having to think about it at all. You will feel the effects everywhere and when you start of you’re probably going to be finding muscles you didn’t even know you had!

2. If you want to burn fat – this is the way

Kickboxing is really good at burning calories quickly. Done properly your calories burned can skyrocket. If you add in a few weights too – you’ll find that a high-burn session with the addition of the long burn the weights adds will help melt the pounds away if that is your work out goal.

3. Of course, you get some good self-defense moves too.

Even if self-defense isn’t your main goal, it is going to happen anyway. You will be learning moves that if you needed to you could use in a tight spot.

4. Improve your hand, eye and leg coordination

kickboxing lansing

This is another of those side benefits you’ll get whether it was what you were looking for or not. You will generally be able to move better and have a sense of where your body is in the world.

5. If the boss it on your last nerve…

What better way to beat out your frustrations than by kicking the living daylights out of either a padded partner or a punching bag?

If you’d like to get a lot fitter and have some fun at the same time, maybe give kickboxing the once over.